CAD | CAM Dental Restoration | 3Shape D900L 3D Scanner

cad | cam dental restoration | 3shape d900l 3d scanner


The 3Shape D900 with color scanning capabilities is the new scanner which combines advanced technologies with a strong focus on speed and accuracy - while providing new features for productive workflows and optimal user experience. The D900 is constructed using a thermally stable special metal alloy for consistent accuracy even in demanding lab environments.

The 3Shape D900 has 4 cameras, rather than the 2-camera platform found in previous 3Shape scanner models. With more cameras on board, the D900 can capture 3D data even faster.

  • 4 cameras
  • Blue LED Light technology
  • Accuracy Crown and Bridge (ISO 12836)* 7 microns
  • Accuracy Implant bars* 8 microns
  • Gypsum model scanning 
  • Impression scanning (add on)
  • Multi-die scanning 
  • Texture scanning (Color Texture)
  • Scan time - single die- 15 Sec (19 sec)
  • Scan time - 3 unit bridge -  50 Sec (70 sec)
  • Typical Software package** Dental System™ Premium
  • Allows technicians to include hand-drawn design guidance markings in the digital design
  • Allows technicians to capture colored markings, indicating different design details
  • Enhanced details
  • Implant bridge and bar accuracy
  • Enable accurate 3D capture of both implant positions and orientations
  • High productivity with Multi-Die scanning
  • Provides labs with efficient batch and multi-case processing​
Technical Specifications: 
  • Scan Speed: 15 Sec (single die), 35 sec (full arch)
  • File Type: Open STL
  • Scan Chamber Size: Expanded
  • Scan Technology: Blue LED/4 Camera
  • Accuracy: 7 µm
  • Impression Scanning: Yes
  • Multi-Die Scanning: Yes