Experience Matters

in Buying and selling used dental equipment

Logistics (Our Process)

The mission of Atlas is to discover, create value, and re-home used equipment. We foster every point of the product’s journey and take immense pride in providing the most convenient way to sell and buy used dental equipment online.

We have experience with every type of dental equipment from handpieces to digital panoramic x-rays and embrace every logistical challenge as an opportunity to show our expertise and pride in salvaging what would otherwise be scrapped parts and lost value. Our goal is to make it an easy process for our customers, with no surprises.


- Procurement: We take in equipment from doctors offices all over the country so we can quickly identify what still has value or what should be donated or recycled. Through a quick online form, we collect information about the equipment details, functionality, and condition. We also have procurement specialists that can assist with any questions.
- Appraisal: We conduct a fair and transparent appraisal and match your equipment in its condition to the best market price.
- Pickup: We send our own team of professionals to pick up and de-install your dental equipment, avoiding any risks or mishandling from a third-party mover.

Create Value:

- Inspection and Cleaning: Our expert team of technicians have a thorough and routine process check for every category of equipment. Every unit is inspected against manufacturer specifications to ensure proper functionality such as water and power sources, tubing cracks and kinks, abnormal noises or leaks, and exterior surface damage.
- Refurbishing: In instances where a unit is not functioning properly and we are able to restore the item, we will repair any defects to the proper function. Fully refurbished items by our professional dental technicians are covered by our 1-year warranty.
- Photos & Listing: Items ready to sell are listed online with in-depth notes from the technician and photos from a trained photographer attempting to include photos of all cosmetic blemishes. Our goal is “no buyer surprises”.
- Storage: You can rest assured that your equipment is stored in a secure warehouse environment. We also have on-site, 5-star concierge standing by for status updates of your equipment or other questions.


- Purchase: Atlas has the largest online catalog of used equipment online. Items can be easily browsed through and purchased directly through our online storefront or you can contact a product specialist to answer questions or help find a specific product you’re looking for. You can also create a product wish list or sign up to be to be alerted when new products or deals are added.
- Packaging: Each piece of dental equipment has a unique design requiring specific packaging to protect it during transport. We’re prepared for any and all circumstances and take responsibility to ensure your equipment is packaged appropriately for safe transport.
- Shipping & Transporting: We’ve maintained excellent working relationships with a variety of shipping carriers over the years, from freight shippers and FedEx to white glove services and the United States Postal Service. Each carrier has their own strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll dutifully choose the safest option for your equipment.