CAD / CAM Dental Restoration | Align Technology iTero Element Intraoral Scanner

iTero Element is an optical impression system (CAD/CAM) used to record the topographical images of teeth and oral tissue. Data generated from iTero may be used in conjunction with the production of dental devices (e.g., aligners, braces, appliances, etc.) and accessories. iTero Element software is used with the iTero Element scanner in capturing 3D digital impressions of teeth, oral soft tissue and structures, and bite relationship.

  • Certified connectivity workflows 
  • Compact footprint
  • Advanced wand features
  • Real-time visualization
  • Multi-touch display
  • Intuitive operation
  • Custom wheel stand option
  • Convenient counter stand option
  • Integrated gyro system  
  • Color scanning
  • 40% smaller and lighter - the redesigned wand is 40% smaller and lighter than the wand of the current itero scanner.
    20x faster speed - itero element image sensor is designed to enable 20x faster scan speed versus the current itero scanner.
    Engineered to capture 6,000 frames per second—significantly faster
    3D high-impact visualization 
    Simultaneously smart and powerful
    Scan in motion 
    Scan in color 
    Automatically save scan data every two seconds and save it to the system’s hard disk
    Simulate treatment outcomes
  • The scanner emits red laser light (680nm Class 1) as well as white LED emissions. Normal usage of the scanner does not present any danger to the human eye. However, doctors should refrain from shining the scanner directly into the patient’s eyes.
  • Avoid twisting cable, knotting cable, pulling on cable, stepping on cable.
  • When the system is not in use, the scanning unit should be placed inside the holder with the probe facing to the rear side of the touchscreen so there will be no eye contact with the laser beam in any case. 
  • System is intended for indoor use only. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity.
  • No modifcation of this equipment is allowed.
  • The touchscreen always needs to be in a stand while in operation!
Technical Specifications: 
  • Monitor : 19” monitor
  • Scanner: Scanner emits red laser light (680nm Class 1) as well as white LED emissions
  • Wireless LAN: LAN card provides local network communications with wireless connectivity.
  • Mains Fuses: T3.15AL (3.15A, slow-blow) 250V glass tube fuses (5 x 20 mm).
  • Operating Power: 100-240VAC- 50/60 Hz – 350VA (max)
  • Operating Temperature: 18°to 26°C / 64.4° to 78.8°F
  • Dimensions , Base Unit: ( H x W x D ): 389 mm (~15 Inches) x 459 mm (~18 Inches) x 123 mm (~5 Inches )
  • Dimensions ,Scanning Unit: : ( L x W x D ): 338.5 mm (~13 Inches) x 53.5 mm (~2 Inches) x 69.8 mm (~3 Inches)
  • Net Weight : Base Unit: 11 kg (~24 lbs) , Scanning Unit: 0.47 kg (~1 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight : ~37.5 KG (~83 LBS)