The Best in Refurbished Dental Equipment

Atlas is a leading supplier of refurbished dental equipment. Since 2004, our technicians have refined a refurbishing process so our customers receive premium quality, value, and satisfaction guaranteed at up to half the cost of new.

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Why Buy Refurbished?

Helping Your Practice

We restore dental equipment back to the manufacturer specifications so it’s like you’re buying a brand-new unit. Our refurbished units also come with after sale support and warranty.

Helping Your Budget

Get the best quality for a lower price. Refurbished items can be up to half the price of new.

Helping the Earth

The purchase of a pre-owned or refurbished unit helps divert metals and electronics that can be repurposed from landfills.

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Why Buy Atlas?

We’re a team that supports dentists, so our measure of success is trust. We’ve built relationships with a wide network of dental practices and partners who buy from and sell to us. This gives us a greater commitment to customer satisfaction.

The higher the quality of dental equipment we send out, the higher the quality of dental equipment we’ll bring back in, and the higher value we can provide even again in refurbished equipment.

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Peace of Mind Protection

All our refurbished equipment gets our stamp of approval with a 1-year warranty.

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