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Why Atlas Refurbished?

When you purchase from Atlas you’re backed by a team of knowledgeable sales professionals, trained technicians, and experienced customer service. Something other sellers of refurbished sterilizers and autoclaves don’t offer. Atlas’ refurbishing process guarantees a low cost of ownership and peace of mind.


Partnering with a wide network of dental offices allows us to continually acquire and stock quality used sterilizers and autoclaves.


We research equipment history as well as check for accessory completeness and cosmetic condition.


We completely disassemble sterilizers to clean, repair, and rebuild so it functions and appears like new.


All our refurbished sterilizers and autoclaves come with a 1-year warranty to ensure your covered.

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Refurbished Myths & Facts


Buying a new sterilizer or autoclaves is better.


We clean and rebuild every sterilizer to function as if it’s cycle count was 0. Sometimes you can’t even tell it isn’t brand new.


All companies refurbish sterilizers to the same standards.


Some companies “refurbish” by wiping down and replacing a main part. We raise the standards of what refurbished means with a complete background check, full disassemble, all around clean, test and repair or replacement of all components, a full rebuild, and a final quality assurance test for full functionality.


Buying refurbished is risky, equipment may not last or work.


Our stamp of approval guarantees a quality sterilizer or autoclave. We equip every practice with a preventative maintenance schedule and one year warranty.



Refurbished is the same as used equipment.


Where used items are simply tested for functionality, refurbished items are stripped bare, cleaned, and rebuilt with all new replacement parts so the finished product is just like new.


Refurbished equipment was once defective.


We receive used and unused sterilizers and autoclaves. Our partners get rid of equipment for a variety of reasons – demo units, office closures, practice mergers, consolidation, model upgrades, and more.


A Leader in Refurbished

Why stop at sterilizers? Since 2004, we have obtained equipment from trusted dental offices and partners across the world and have specialized in refurbishing CADCAMs, compressors and pumps, lasers, and more to facilitate low cost dental equipment with performance that exceeds expectations.

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