The easiest way to sell used dental equipment.

Send us your info and we'll do the rest.

Why sell with Atlas?

We understand that dealing with old equipment is the last thing on your list. So we make it easy.

Atlas has worked with dentists to buy, refurbish, and sell equipment for nearly 20 years. Working with a national network of partners allows us to provide quick payouts and full-service handling of your equipment.

Turn Clutter Into Cash

Our team of experts do all the heavy lifting to turn your idle equipment into cash in three simple steps:

appraisal symbol

1. Appraisal

Over a short phone call or video chat we'll gather the necessary details, like model and condition, to provide a quote on what your equipment is worth.

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2. Pickup

We then coordinate every detail to get the equipment from your office to Atlas HQ safely. We provide custom packaging materials, schedule pickup, and arrange tech assistance if needed.

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3. Payout

Better than a handshake, we pay you half the agreed-upon price after appraisal. Then pay the second half after inspection when the equipment reaches us.

Don't Store It. Sell it.

Provide your information above and we will contact you promptly to begin appraising your equipment.

We take pride in providing the highest quality customer service. If you have more questions and and would prefer to contact us directly, call us at:


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