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Acteon's Air-N-Go is a dual-purpose air polisher designed for prophylactic treatments targeting the supra- and sub-gingival portion of dental and prosthetic surfaces. It is used in conjunction with dental polishing powder SATELEC®. This medical device is intended for pre-implantitis treatment with the Perio option.

In polishing mode, air and water are supplied to the medical device. The air penetrating into the closed reservoir creates a cloud of powder, which is projected onto the clinical area via a nozzle. The water, air, and powder are mixed together when exiting the medical device. 

  • Multi-functional Handpiece
  • Versatile and Simple Design
  • Anparalleled Ergonomics
  • high speed handpiece connector
  • 360° rotation Technology
  • PERIO option Tecnhnolgy
  • Promotes pathogenic bacteria elimination
  • Nozzles deliver continuous, accurate and controlled spray
  • Gentle and efficient treatments for better patient comfort
  • Three available nozzles to cover numerous applications such as prophylaxis, periodontal and implants maintenance
  • Two exchangeable heads: a long and a short one, to suit all hand sizes
  • Specific powders for each type of treatment: supra-gingival and subgingival applications.Fast and accurate treatment
  • All parts of Air & go can be cleaned - Autoclavable head, nozzle and front plastic body
Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions (Inch): 7.08 L x 2.75 H x 1.81 Diameter
  • Weight: 0.341717 lbs
  • Operating Temperature: +10°C to +30°C
  • Storage temperature:  0°C to +50°C
  • Operating humidity:  30% to 70%
  • Air Pressure at Inlet : 3 bar - 4 bar
  • Water Pressure at Inlet : Max 5 bars
  • Recommended water output flow at the end of the nozzle : 15 ml/min to ± 5 ml/min