Used Dental Air Abrasion | Danville Microetcher II ( 727 )

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used dental air abrasion | danville microetcher ii ( 727 )

The Microetcher II has been the standard against which all other sandblasters are compared. It has revolutionized how we perform numerous procedures, giving us the ability to achieve much more reliable adhesion between all kinds of materials than prior to its introduction. It has few faults, operates well, and is the only model with different angled tips for precise sandblasting anywhere in the mouth without unsteady hand positions or asking the patient to open uncomfortably wide. 

  • The tips are autoclavable. Body can be immersed in glutaraldehyde for 10 hours, followed by rinsing thoroughly with water.
  • Metal body has a moderately shiny finish.
  • Between the button and body is an exposed wire spring.
  • Its head is designed to swivel 360° to facilitate sandblasting in all areas of the mouth. There are no devices that need to be pushed or pulled to accomplish this rotation.
  • The clear, plastic powder reservoir is located at the bottom, rear of the unit.
  • Two reservoirs are available which make it convenient if you want to use more than one type of abrasive.
  • The reservoir is easily removed for filling.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Length (with tip) : 7.0 inches
  • Weight (Filled 75%): 3.30 Ounces
  • Weight(Empty): 2.50 Ounces
  • Bore Size: 0.048 inches
  • Rotate: 360°
  • Angles: 0°, 60°, 90°, 120°
  • Length of Air Line: 9.0 ft
  • Operating Pressure(Recommended): 60-100 PSI