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Groman Dental's EtchMaster is a prefilled disposable air abrasive tip that is used for improving cementation bond strength to tooth surface, prosthetics, and sealants for intra-oral geneneral, cosmetic, pediatric and orthodontic treatments.

The EtchMaster tips also provides localized stain removals and prophy capabilities.

  • Simple push-in fitting Technology
  • Prefilled disposable air abrasive tips 
  • Carefree Air Abrasion
  • No Mess Air Abrasion
  • Hard Abrasive Tips
  • Mild Abrasive Tips
  • Soft Abrasive Tips
  • Adapter screws directly to any standard chairside handpiece connector
  • Air flow can be controlled via any standard chairside foot pedal
  • Has multiple adapter types designed to make the EtchMaster compatible to any prefered type of handpiece
  • Promotes healthy abrasions eliminating any patient sensitivity
  • Promotes no powder overspray for finer abrasion lines and accurate operations
  • Allows continuous air abrasion without clogging 
  • This is a disposable device. Dispose after single patient use regardless of the remaining quantity of powder.
  • DO NOT attempt to sterilize, refill or reuse. 
  • Mounting and pressurizing the device more than once will degrade device operation.
  • Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed dentist.
  • Rubber dam must be used to protect adjacent teeth and soft tissue. Matrix band should be used to protect adjacent teeth during interproximal preparation.
  • Due to the alumina powder, it is necessary to protect the eyes of anyone present in the treatment room during the procedure, namely the patient, assistant and dentist. For patient protection goggles and/or face (eyes and nose) covering with powder resistant material is recommended. All treatment room personnel should already be wearing eye protection. We recommend dental personnel wear face shields over safety glasses and masks for extra protection.
  • Do not use oxygen or other flammable or toxic gases as propellant.
  • Excessive air abrading will erode most surfaces. Practice and experiment on typodonts, pennies, stainless steel, extracted teeth, or glass slides before actual use. These surfaces will simulate both precious and non-precious alloys and porcelain
Technical Specifications: 
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 35-45 psi
  • Recommended Nozzle Distance from the Tooth: 1 mm
  • Tip Adapter Options: Quick Disconnect Adapter, 4 Hole Handpiece Adapter, Kavo* Style Adapter, Cordless Etcher® Handpiece
  • Abrasive Grade Options: BE - Bond Enhancer, BE/50 - Bond Enhancer, SP – Surface Polisher, PB - Prophy Brush
  • BE - Bond Enhancer Composition: Hard abrasive - 27 micron Aluminum Oxide
  • BE/50 - Bond Enhancer Composition: Hard abrasive - 50 micron Aluminum Oxide
  • SP – Surface Polisher Composition: Mild abrasive - 25% - Aluminum Oxide 75% - Sodium Bi-Carbonate
  • PB - Prophy Brush Composition: Soft Abrasive - Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Device Type: Disposable Device