Used Dental Air Abrasion | Groman Dental Prophymaster

used dental air abrasion | groman dental prophymaster


The Groman's ProphyMaster™ tip is a waterless disposable Air Polishing Prophylaxis tip for Full Mouth stain removal of extrinsic stain, dental plaque and soft debris while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces. The ProphyMaster™ tip is integrated with a High Speed Evacuator tube thereby collecting a significant portion of the aerated powder dust as it ricochets off the tooth surface.

Each ProphyMaster™ tip combines the suctioning power of the chairside high-speed evacuation and the chairside low-speed air supply to provide minimal overspray in a single-handed operation. Flow control is via the chair foot pedal and the ProphyMaster™ tips come prefilled with standard Sodium Bicarbonate or non-sodium prophy powder.

  • No Mess Prophy Treatment
  • Waterless Prophy Treatment
  • Disposable Air Polishing Prophylaxis Tip
  • Single-handed Operation
  • Minimal Overspray Operations
  • Pre-filled Single-use Tips
  • 360° Rotatable Nozzles
  • ProphyMaster™ tip is a single-use disposable air polishing device with an integral disposable HVE evacuation tube.
  • ProphyMaster™ Tips contain sufficient powder for a full mouth prophy procedure
  • ProphyMaster™ tips are available in 2 types of prophy powder, making it highly flexible for different types of operations.
  • ProphyMaster™ tip powder types are easily distinguishable by the color dot on the tip.
  • ProphyMaster™ tips come pre-filled with prophy powder
  • ProphyMaster™ tips support a 0.8mm aperture nozzle for large area coverage and quick operation.
  • The ProphyMaster™ nozzles are 360° rotatable for easy aim and reach.
  • The ProphyMaster™ nozzles are formed to easily reach the lingual side
  • This is a disposable device. Dispose after single patient use regardless of the remaining quantity of powder.
  • DO NOT attempt to sterilize, refill or reuse. 
  • Mounting and pressurizing the device more than once will degrade device operation.
  • Rubber dam must be used to protect adjacent teeth and soft tissue. Matrix band should be used to protect adjacent teeth during interproximal preparation.
  • Due to the alumina powder, it is necessary to protect the eyes of anyone present in the treatment room during the procedure, namely the patient, assistant and dentist. For patient protection goggles and/or face (eyes and nose) covering with powder resistant material is recommended. All treatment room personnel should already be wearing eye protection. We recommend dental personnel wear face shields over safety glasses and masks for extra protection.
  • Do not use oxygen or other flammable or toxic gases as propellant.
  • Excessive air abrading will erode most surfaces. Practice and experiment on typodonts, pennies, stainless steel, extracted teeth, or glass slides before actual use. These surfaces will simulate both precious and non-precious alloys and porcelain
Technical Specifications: 
  • Aperture Nozzle Size: 0.8 mm
  • Nozzle Rotation: Rotatable up to 360°
  • Air Pressure: 40 psi
  • Recommended Operation Type: Pulsating Operation with 35-45 psi
  • Device Type: Single-use (disposable)
  • Prophy Powder Source: Pre-filled
  • Flow control: Chair foot pedal
  • Connection Type: ProphyMaster™ Adapter (chairside High-speed Evacuator and low-speed handpiece connection)
  • Legal Users: Hygienists, Dentist Assistants, and Dentists
  • Prophy Powder Options: Sodium Bicarbonate or sodium-free Calcium Carbonate.
  • Water Solubility: Calcium Carbonate - Slightly soluble in water / Sodium Bicarbonate - 16g/100ml @ 60 oC