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used dental air abrasion | mti dental products scalemaster

The MTI Dental's ScaleMaster (also known as Sonic Scaler) handpiece is powered by air pressure from the existing dental tubing and its mechanical design causes the scaler tip to vibrate in an elliptical motion.

The lightweight ScaleMaster™ features a sleek, ergonomic design and metal-housing durability. The system includes a tip wrench and three different scaler inserts – universal, perio and sickle – for fast, effective and comfortable supragingival scaling and debridement with controlled water spray for better visibility as well as orthodontic applications.


  • 4-HOLE and 2-HOLE Tubing
  • Precision Air-Operated Scaler
  • Clog-free Sonic Scaler
  • Newest Water Spray System
  • Cost-effective Scaler
  • Lightweight Design    
  • Improved ergonomics 
  • Portable Sonic Scaler
  • Can effectively remove hard calculus deposits
  • Offers efficient subgingival and supragingival scaling
  • Connects directly to the existing air turbine coupling
  • Eliminates the need for counter space and extra foot control
  • Provides a controlled water spray for clog-free operation
  • It is very light weight which promotes better comfort during operations
  • Any hemophiliac patient is forbidden to use this equipment.
  • The patients or doctors with heart pacemaker are forbidden to use this equipment.
  • Any patient with heart disease, pregnant woman and children should be cautious to use the equipment.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Device Type: Portable
  • Operation Type: Air-Operated
  • Spray System: Water Spray System
  • Recommended Pressure: 35-50 PSI
  • Tip Speed: 3,000-5,000 cycles/second (sonic frequency)
  • Tip Direction: Elliptical
  • Coupling/Tubing Type: 04-Hole & 2-Hole Coupling
  • Autoclaving : Autoclavable (max. 275°F/135°C)
  • Color Options: Black Blue Green Tangerine
  • Scaling Tips: Universal, Sickle and Perio