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The Dune ECO TECH micro-sandblaster combines three specific innovative features: flow shut-off valves, calibrated nozzles and a sand recirculating system. The first two features immediately interrupt the sand flow when the pedal is released, allowing for controlled sand dosage according to the size of the grains used and therefore resulting in a remarkable reduction in sand consumption. The recirculating function reuses the abrasive materials for roughening operations and for the removal of linings.

The Dust suction is achieved through a double connection, ensuring maximum suction performance and operator safety. The LED lighting feature has an interchangeable protective film that protects the light source from accidental abrasion during blasting and ensures longevity of the bulbs. The equipment is completed with a large working chamber (25 liters), innovative lighting with interchangeable protection, adjustable LEDs to improve visibility in all sandblasting conditions and a wide range of tungsten carbide nozzles

  • EcoTech System Technology
  • Instant Flow Shut-off Valves
  • Used Sand Recirculating Technology
  • Extreme Dust Suction
  • Integrated Suction Start-up Control
  • Excellent blasting in all applications
  • Minimum Sand Consumption
  • Large-capacity plastic chamber 
  • Adjustable LED Lights
  • Modular, Large Sized Tanks
  • High precision pressure gauge 
  • Has multiple available particle sizes allow dental technicians to performany type of blasting
  • Allows satinising of all metal surfaces with extreme simplicity
  • Handpieces and nozzles in different sizes facilitate blasting operations in all applications
  • Modular, large sized tanks (1000 cc) and vent valves allow reduced filling times
  • Pneumatic circuit with calibrated conduits and instant flow shut-off valves contribute to a significant reduction in sand consumption
  • Adjustable LED lighting improves visibility during blasting
  • Large-capacity plastic chamber ensures increased air-tightness and duration over time
  • In the event of a malfuntion, follow the advice given in the attached manual; and if you have any doubts shut down the equipment and contact your service provider emmediately
  • Do not open compartments containing electrical parts
  • Do not replace the power lead or tamper with the supplied plut
  • It is forbidden to use the equipment on items other than those for which it has been specifically designed.
  • Do not use petrol or flammable solvents as detergents; use only non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-toxic substances.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Length: 19.29 L x 19.69 Ø x 16.54 H
  • Weight: 28.6601 lbs
  • Voltage: 115 - 230 V ~ +/- 10% 50/60 Hz*
  • Tank Capacity : 1000 cc
  • Sands : 25 µm to 250 µm
  • Working Pressure : 1 bar to 6 bars
  • Absorbed Power : 14 watts
  • Nozzle Dimensions : ø 0,8 mm (blue) e ø 1,3 mm (black)
  • Recycle Handpiece Size: 3 mm
  • Sound Power Level : <70 dB