Used Dental Air Compressors | CustomAir Jun-Air 4.5HP Triple Oilless

The CustomAir/Jun-Air 4.5 HP Triple Head Compressor (also known as the Jun-Air 6000-150B) is an oil-free dental compressor which can be used for Medical, Laboratary and Dental operations. It is a maintenance-free compressor with a hygienic, oil-free and dry air output. It also has a high grade coalescent filter as well as fresh air intake can which can support several dentist/hygienists simultaneouly.

  • Triple Head Compressor
  • Modern Design
  • Low Noise and Vibration Level
  • State-of-the-Art Performance
  • Integrated Filtration
  • Consistent 100% Duty Cycle
  • Simultaneous Multiple User Support
  • 4.5 HP Compressor
  • Built from highly durable materials making give it long-life and future proof benefits
  • Offers highly efficient air compression operations
  • Eliminates the need of stressful lubrication maintenance
  • Constantly supplies hygienic, oil-free and dry air output
  • Promotes easier basic maintenance 
  • Quiet (ultra-quiet in cabinets)
  • Protect compressor against rain, moisture, frost and dust.
  • Compressor is only suitable for installations with the nominal voltage stated on the motor plate.
  • The compressor is constructed and approved for a max. pressure of 10 bar/150 psi. Do not adjust the compressor to a higher pressure.
  • Do not in any way block or prevent the normal functioning of the safety valve on the receiver.
  • Only connect pneumatic equipment suitable for the max. pressure indicated.
  • Do not operate compressor at ambient temperatures exceeding 35°C/95°F or falling below 0°C/32°F.
  • Do not touch compressor motor during operation as there is a risk of burn due to high temperatures.
  • Do not direct air flow at head or body.
Technical Specifications: 
  • System Type: Base Unit
  • Dimensions (Inch): 50.38 L x 24.38 W x 32.28 H
  • Max Pressure: 120 psig (8 bar)
  • Tank Size: 39.6 gal (150 litres)
  • Displacement (50 Hz): 18.65 cfm (528 l/min)
  • Displacement (60 Hz): 22.46 cfm (636 l/min)
  • FAD @ Max Pressure (50 Hz): 9.53 cfm (270 l/min)
  • FAD @ Max Pressure (60 Hz): 11.65 cfm (330 l/min)
  • Noise Level (50 Hz) (60 Hz): 77 dB(A) / 78 dB(A)