Used Dental Amalgamator | Dentsply Wig-L-Bug MSD (892) IVY

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The Wig-L-Bug MSD mixes a variety of encapsulated materials, including cements, amalgams, and core build-up materials.The MSD features sturdy capsule arms, accuracy, and reliability of digital circuitry with LED readout of time and speed. The membrane keypad is easily cleaned and disinfected.

  • Modern digital circuitry and controls
  • Sturdy capsule arms
  • Accommodate a variety of capsules with speeds of 38000-48000 RPM.
  • UL approved
  • Fits Fiju capsules
  • Membrane keypad is easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Compact size conveniently fits most operatories   
  • Easy-to-use icon-driven control panel
  • Safety cover shields capsules, reduces noise
  • Accurate digital circuitry with LED readout of time and speed
  • Wig-L-Bug Mixer/Amalgamators are NOT for grinding or triturating, and should not be used with stainless steel or porcelain vials.
  • Mercury is a health hazard. Tighten capsule completely to prevent mercury escaping during trituration. Immediately replace any capsule that becomes worn or loose-fitting. Close safety cover during use.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Speeds: 3800 rpm-4800 rpm
  • Capacity: Designed to use amalgam capsules with lengths between 1.250 and 1.350
  • Power Requirements: 115v ±10%, 0.5A, AC, 60 Hz
  • Fuse Rating: 2 amps, 250 volts
  • Dimensions (Inch): 11 1/2 W × 8 D × 4 1/2 H