Used Dental Autoclave Sterilizer | Midmark M11 UltraClave


The Midmark M11 is a fully-automated, microprocessor-controlled steam sterilizer for dental instruments. Its name comes from its 11-inch, round, stainless-steel chamber. It has an automatic door-opener that aids in instrument drying. 

  • Exclusive automatic-opening door for ease of use and a quick drying time
  • Large 11" by 18" chamber for increased capacity
  • Steam–Flush Pressure Pulse Air Removal System ensures proper steam penetration
  • Customizable programs
  • Pre-set controls
  • LCD display
  • Expedites drying
  • Prevents door from opening during cycles
  • Accurate cycle management
  • Reservoir can be easily and completely drained for cleaning
  • Enables operators to meet specific instrument processing needs