Used Dental CAD / CAM Dental Restoration | Straumann USA Cares Scan CS2

The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 is a 3D scanner of high precision for objects of the dental area. It is used for 3D measurements of single preparations, abutments, models of the jaw with up to 14 elements, and different impressions. Together with the corresponding software, the scanner gives dental technicians the ability to scan models, design a restoration (crown, bridge, abutment, etc. in a wide range of materials) and send the resulting data file directly to the manufacturing facility.

  • Solid Master Models Scanning
  • Advanced 3D Laser Technology
  • Smart Scan Technology
  • Automated Dye Scanning
  • Multiple Scanning Angles. 35°–75° 
  • Morphing Scan Capability
  • Built-in HD Camera
  • Has new ‘morphing’ capability
  • Has a built-in camera
  • Has the ability to scan solid master models, section cuts and antagonist models.
  • Reduces scanning times to just 30 seconds for single dies, and 3 minutes for master models.
  • Automatically designs a fully restored tooth with inlays, onlays, veneers or partial crowns despite the fact that the original morphology of the tooth is missing.
  • Records high density information, taking into account the angulation and diameter
  • Built for the future with online updating capability on its firmware;
  • Calibrated for a lifetime due to a fixed mounted optical measurement unit on a moveable plate – no re-calibration in the lab is needed.
  • Keep small objects and liquids away from the unit. Small objects may inadvertently drop through the ventilation slots of the unit`s housing and thereby cause fire, electric shock or damage of the unit. Should an object or liquid get into the housing, immediately pull out the main power cable of the unit. Have the unit checked by a qualified Straumann technician before you work with it again. 
  • Use the enclosed main power cable for connection to the national standard line voltage. Make sure that the nominal voltage of the main power cable is not exceeded. Otherwise, there is a risk of fire and electric shock
  • The unit must be connected to a correctly grounded wall outlet. Otherwise, there is a risk of fire and electric shock. Connect the main power cable to an easily accessible wall outlet. Make sure that you can quickly pull out the main power cable in case of an emergency.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power: 100–240 V AC 50–60 Hz
  • Connections: USB 2.0 High-speed/power supply
  • Power Input: 900 mA max
  • Laser Protection Class: Class 1, 1M
  • IP Protection: IP20
  • Scan time - Single die: 25– 45 sec. (Smartscan)
  • Scan time - Jaw model: 20–90 sec. (Smartscan)
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Measuring Tolerance: ±10 µm (pot object)