Used Dental Cam Restoration Milling Machine | CEREC 3 Compact Mill

The Sirona CEREC 3 compact milling unit produces computer-aided dental restorations from natural-appearing ceramic material. It is often paired with the CEREC 3 Redcam dental acquisition unit.

  • Large milling chamber
  • Single solution for milling crowns, inlays, and bridges
  • Fast milling times
  • Provides single-visit restorations

When the milling chamber door is opened during the milling operation, the milling instruments could continue to run for a short time.

  • Be careful not to touch the milling instruments with your hand or any other object during this time.
  • Avoid opening the milling chamber door while the milling unit is in operation.
  • Before you open the milling chamber door, end any actions that are running by selecting the "Stop" key on the milling unit or in the application software.