Used Dental Curing Light | Den-Mat Rembrandt Allegro

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The Allegro is a cordless light-emitting diode (LED) curing light. Its charger has a built-in battery gauge to monitor charge levels and a digital radiometer to measure irradiance.

  • Audible time indicator
  • Built-in radiometer
  • Low-battery warning light
  • 4 pre-set exposure settings
  • Minimal lateral heat from LED source
  • Very quiet with minimal fan noise
  • Long battery life with minimal loss of irradiance 
  • The Allegro produces high-intensity light energy that can be harmful to the eyes. When the system is in use, the patient, operator, and assistants must wear protective eyewear that blocks blue light energy. To avoid possible injury, do not look directly at the end of the light guide or into the light source. Never shine the light into the eyes. Do not start the light outside of the mouth.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power requirements: 100V-200V, 50Hz-60Hz, 160mA