Used Dental Curing Light | DMD Apollo 95E

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The DMD Apollo 95E is a powerful plasma arc curing and whitening light. The 95E provides polymerization of dental materials in as little as 1-3 seconds rather than the usual 40 seconds required of conventional halogen curing lights.

  • Redesigned one-touch activation hand piece 
  • Easily wall-mounted
  • Reduced size with dual handles for enhanced mobility
  • Plasma arc technology
  • Cures composite material in 1-3 seconds
  • Step cure function and whitening
  • Whitens teeth in 30 minutes
  • Internal voltage regulator
  • Cooling fan operation is proportional to bulb usage.
  • Faster curing than conventional halogen curing lights
  • Sterilizable curing tips.
  • Easily cleaned or barrier protected
  • Improves patient’s comfort due to considerably shorter procedures
  • Convenient operation; no holding the light for long, sometimes painful minutes
  • Reduced chance of site contamination
  • Significantly increases daily office production

An activation 'sleeve' on hand piece will also operate unit.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Power requirements: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 6.3A
  • Light emission wavelength: Curing Mode: 460 – 490NM, Whitening Mode: 400 – 500 NM
  • Dimensions (inches): 
    12 x 10 x 4
  • Weight (lb.):