Used Dental Curing Light | Kerr LEDemetron II

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used dental curing light | kerr ledemetron ii

The Kerr LEDemetron II utilizes LED technology to cure light-activated dental materials. It can deliver a 5-second cure for universal or lighter shades.

  • Large trigger button
  • High power LED curing light featuring Periodic Level Shifting (PLS)
  • 5,10, and 20-second preset timer settings
  • Timer mode recall
  • Built-in radiometer enabling monitoring of the intensity level
  • Advanced Nickel-Hydride battery
  • Increased curing ability and shorter curing times
  • Faster cures without excess heat
  • Consistent high-intensity output
Technical Specifications: 
  • Output peak wavelength range: 450 – 470 NM
  • Dimensions (inches) (including control base and light guide): 5.25 x 5.5 x 12.5
  • Weight (oz.): 12.6