Used Dental Curing Lights | Henry Schein CU-80

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used dental curing lights | henry schein cu-80

Henry Schein CU-80 is a light polymerisation unit for dental materials which are polymerised under visible blue light in the mouth. Cooling is by fan that is activated only when needed. Halogen lights provide a blue light between 400-500 nm that is able to cure a variety of dental restorative materials. 

  • Quiet Cooling Fan
  • Audible Signal Indicators
  • Lightweight and Compact Handpiece
  • Bulb-life Indicator
  • 400-500 nm Blue Light
  • Convenient storage and operation  
  • Offers quieter operations
  • Easy-to-use and very portable
  • Promotes stressless operations
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power Requirements:: 120V
  • Light Intensity: 400 - 500 nm
  • Light Source: Halogen Light
  • Cooling System: Cooling Fan