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used dental curing lights | kerr demetron ii wireless

The Kerr Demetron II (also known as  L.E Demtron) utilizes LED technology to cure light-activated dental materials. The Demetron II can intermittently shift output density from an impressive base of 1200 mW/cm2 to a peak of 1600 mW/cm2. This enables the Demetron II to deliver a 5-second cure for universal or lighter shades.

  • On & Off Trigger 
  • Digital Count Display
  • Whisper-quiet Cooling system
  • Unique thermal control system partners with PLS to keep unit cool for uninterrupted operation
  • Timer mode recall
  • Consistent high-intensity output of PLS delivers a true 5 second cure for A3.5 or lighter shades
  • Low-battery signal that warns the operator three minutes prior to the battery shutting down
  • Lightweight and wireless
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sleep mode shuts down the light after three minutes without use to preserve battery life
  • Accepts all Demetron light guides from 2 mm through 13 mm
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power: 7V
  • Output Density : 1200 mW/cm2 (based) to a peak of 1600 mW/cm2
  • Wave Length: 450-470 nm
  • Weight (handpience): Approximately 0.80625 lbs (12.9 oz)
  • Radiometer: Built-in
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Battery
  • Timer: Audible Timer
  • Light Source : LED