Used Dental Delivery Systems | Planmeca Sovereign®

The Planmeca Sovereign dental unit is an electrically controlled dental device that consists of a patient chair, cupsidor, delivery arm, dental instruments and an operating light.
The Delivery system is available in:

  • Over-the-patient delivery with balanced instrument arms
  • Over-the-patient delivery with hanging tube instruments 
  • Side delivery with hanging tube instruments
  • Integrated easy-to-use Implant med surgical micromotor
  • Smoothly integrated sterile water system
  • Detachable left/right holder for sterile water bag
  • Planmeca Vision™ medical grade display for perfect infection control
  • Perio Fresh™ system gives the patient a fresh taste in their mouth during periodontal treatments
  • Different scaler power modes controlled easily and hygienically via the foot control
  • Large surgical and orthodontic tray table
  • Rotational instruments in the assistant element
  • Easily adjustable (torque, rpm, autoreverse) Planmeca Minendo™ brushless micromotor
  • Zeiss OPMI® Pico microscope for excellent visualisation
  • Seamless workflow with integrated Planmeca ProX™ X-ray unit
  • Motorised chair swivel and motorised unit base
  • Side-lifting chair and small cuspidor base
  • Can be controlled simply via single touch screen
  • Can also be operated with foot control featuring identical logic with the touch screen interface
  • Advanced water treatment solutions
  • Provides treatment possibilities and ergonomics
  • Allow switching the entire unit from 10 o’clock position to for instance 14 o’clock position effortlessly
  • Ensures safe dental treatment for the patient
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power requirements : 100VAC–240VAC
  • Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Water inlet pressure: 100–900 kPa (14.3–130 psi)
  • Air inlet pressure: 550–900 kPa (80–130 psi)
  • Weight: 633 lbs
  • Mounting: To be fixed on the floor
  • Electrical data: Digital control system with upgradeable software, reliable electrical design and cabling