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used dental delivery systems | ritter ultra performance a dental unit

The Ritter Ultra Performance A Dental Unit is a floormounted dental unit syncronized with patient chair. It is equipped with foot pedal, it has Moveable cuspidor, Water bottle system with water heating for cup filler and instruments.


Advanced delivery system traditional or optional euro type delivery
Self-contained water system
Chair mounted assistants instrument
Dual intensity hallogen operating light
Multi-function foot controller
A comfortable fully adjustable doctor stool and assistants stool

Ritter Operating Light 

  • On/Off switch
  • Perfect illumination because of extra long lamp arms
  • Lamp burst protection
  • Hand grids autoclavable
  • Two intensities 8000 and 25000lux

Water Unit / Cuspidor

  • State of the art designed floor mounted water unit
  • Easy access panel for easy maintenance
  • Pressure regulator for cup filler and spittoon
  • Public water connection and Bottle System
  • Rotating porcelain cuspidor, easy to clean
  • Removable spittoon components for easy cleaning
  • Timed cup filling and spittoon flush
  • Autoclavable water spouts

Assistant Element

  • Assistant touch pad allows control for chair movement, cup filler and bowl rinsing
  • Saliva ejector and high surgical suction lines
  • Cup filler with timer function
  • 2 main plumbing entrance valves for air and water
  • Two additional free holders
  • Option: 3-way syringe, curing light

Dentist Element

  • Advanced control panel allows dentist to control functions of all instruments, scaler, light, cuspidor, spittoon and the programming of the dental chair
  • Integrated x-ray viewer
  • All outlets optionally with fiber optic
  • Hygienic, disinfectable control panel
  • Pneumatic armbrake controlled by hand switch
  • Dentist element with free positioning and control of 6 instruments
  • Basic equipped with 3 air outlets and 3-way syringe
  • Smooth one-hand operation with ergonomic handle and integrated hand switch for pneumatic brake
  • Individual water regulation for each turbine and 3-way syringe
  • Instrument tray
  • Chip blower for rotating instruments

Multi-Function Foot Controller

  • Control of all moving directions of patient ´s chair
  • Control of instruments with easy change between with/without irrigation
  • Chip blower function

Patient chair

  • Modern designed ergonomic patient chair
  • Controlled by dentist and assistant control panel and foot controller
  • Electric chair (driven by 24V DC Motor)
  • Chair movement by two electric motors: one to lift the seat and another for the back rest
  • 3 chair programs plus exitand rinsing position
  • Safety switch for movable spittoon
  • Synchronization between backrest and seat (Trendelenburg)
  • Left armrest and rotating right armrest
  • Double articulated headrest
  • Extra large back seat and comfort upholstery, perfect for longer treatments and tall patients
  • Seat with excellent guide for positioning buttocks and legs
  • Special shaped backrest for shoulder and dorsal
  • No gap between headrest and backrest, headrest specially designed for free positioning of patients head
  • Headrest double articulated
  • Smooth “soft-entrance” function
  • Seamless upholstery available in 12 colors
  • Strong metal ground plate for perfect stability of the unit
  • Reliable and flexible Ritter Unit
  • Synchronized patient chair with seamless upholstery
  • Air driven instruments
  • Very interesting in price and efficiency, can also be fully equipped with multimedia/monitor & camera