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The i-CAT Classic® (i-CAT Imaging System) is a Cone Beam Computed Tomographic and Panoramic imaging system. It is designed for straightforward installation, ease of maintenance and service. It is a high frequency, constant potential, fixed anode X-Ray source. It incorporates a flat panel, amorphous silicon image detector at 20 cm x 25 cm, with a cesium iodide conversion layer

The i-CAT® is connected to a desktop computer to provide the user interface and data processing. 

  • 3D volumetric images
  • True anatomic measurements
  • 14 BIT gray scale
  • Machine is the size of a traditional panoramic X-Ray
  • Fast 20 second scan time
  • High resolution for all views
  • Surgical predictability
  • Save time w/ 1 scan vs. multiple traditional X-Ray
  • Digital for paperless office
  • Can be used in multiple dental applications
  • Increase patient confidence and boost sales by increased case acceptance
  • Keep business in-house vs. outside specialist referral
  • Higher default radiation dose than newer models
  • Because of fewer field of view options
  • Does not automatically adjust volume sizes for children
  • Does not provide iPAN Ceph 2D, but this can be captured from 3D. (low radiation dose panoramic came in Next Generation Model)
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power: 120 or 240V Ac
  • Hertz: 60-50Hz
  • Tube Voltage: 120 kVp
  • Tube Current: 3-7 mA
  • Line Voltage Regulation requirement: + 10%
  • Line Current: 10 Amps (115V) or 5 Amps (230V)
  • Weight: 426 lbs
  • Keyboard Dimensions: (43 cm Length) x (18 cm Width)
  • Monitor with Stand Dimensions: (45 cm Height) x (34 cm length)
  • Tower Computer Dimensions: (43 cm Height) x (47 cm Length) x (22 cm Width)
  • Field of View: 16 cm(Diameter) 13-22 cm (Height)
  • Source to Sensor distance: :27 inches (68.58 cm)
  • Source to Patient distance: 18 inches (45.72 cm) (center of rotation)
  • Voltage Wave shape: Constant Potential
  • Scan Time: 40/20/10 Seconds
  • X-Ray Source: 120 kVp 3-7 Ma (pulsed)
  • Software: Xoran Cat, iCAT Vision & 3DVR, TxStudio powered by Anatomage
  • Focal Spot: 0.050038 cm (0.0197 inches)
  • Maximum Deviation: 
    kVp: + 5 kVp