Used Dental Digital Panoramic X-Ray | Prexion 3D Elite

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The PreXion3D Elite is designed for dentists who demand the highest diagnostic clarity and detail. Uses include but are not limited to implant placement, bone quality studies, pathology, periodontics and endodontics. It is compatible with all DICOM compliant 3rd party implant surgical guide and CAD/DICOM merging software programs. The PriXion 3D elite can be used for Implant placement surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral-axillofacial surgery, Pathology, Impacted and Supernumerary teeth and for DICOM Export for implant surgical guides & CAD/CAM integration.


  • Dedicated 2D Panoramic
  • 360 Degree Scan
  • 5X5cm Field-of-View
  • Prexion3D Viewer Software
  • Customizable Implant Library
  • Single Scan Upper/Lower Dentition
  • Live Video Camera Patient Positioning
  • Seated Patient Stability & Comfort
  • Lower Radiation Dose Scan Option
  • Compatible with all DICOM compliant 3rd party implant surgical guide and CAD/DICOM merging software programs
  • Better diagnosis of patients with more detail and clarity
  • Present cases more confidently, increase acceptance
  • Offers a  wide range of application options and uses
  • Built from the highest quality materies for longer life
  • The patient should be seated or should stand fully upright, with the head immobilized, utilizing a chin rest and a radiolucent bite block
  • Spectacles, neck chains, earrings and dentures must be removed before the exposure
  • The patient's tongue should place the during the exposure in order to prevent a radiolucent stripe above the maxillary teeth
  • Because of the relatively long exposure, the machine movement should be explained to the patient to ensure cooperation especially relevant with children
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power: 120V, Single phase, 1.5kVA
  • Device Type: CBCT + 2D Panoramic
  • Focal Spot Size: 0.15mm
  • Voxel Size: 0.16 mm 0.11 mm
  • Field of View (DXH): 8.1cm X 7.5cm; 5.6cm X 5.2mm
  • CBCT Sensor: CsI FPD 13 bits
  • X-ray Output: 90kV, 4mA
  • Rapid mode (reduced radiation): 8.1cm X 7.5cm - 8.6 seconds
  • High-Resolution (quadrant scan): 5.6cm X 5.2cm - 16.8 seconds
  • High-Definition (standard mode): 8.1cm X 7.5cm - 16.8 seconds
  • Ultra High Def (1,024 frames) : 8.1cm X 7.5cm - 33.5 seconds