Used Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor | Gendex Visualix eHD

The Visualix eHD is a digital sensor for capturing intraoral dental x-rays. The sensor's smooth edges and rounded corners are designed to facilitate easy positioning in the oral cavity and ensure maximum comfort for your patient. The Visualix eHD utilizes CCD sensor technology to deliver clear, crisp images.

  • Ergonomic design with smooth edges and rounded corners
  • Uses CCD technology
  • Delivers real-time images
  • USB 2.0 compatible for faster image acquisition
  • Auto-Ready feature (automatically recognizes the presence of the x-ray emissions)
  • Follows the anatomical shape of the oral cavity to maximize patient comfort
  • Delivers clear, crisp images
  • Images are instantly available without delay
  • Seamless integration of the system in the practice with plug-n-play (USB) connection


  • Sterilize the sensor using an autoclave or a UV oven.
  • Immerse the sensor in bleach or alcohol solutions.
Technical Specifications: 
  • External dimensions: 1.48" x 1"(size 1), 1.59" x 1.3" (size 2)
  • Sensor technology: CCD
  • Scintillator technology: Csl
  • Image resolution: 25.6 lp/mm
  • Image pixel Size: 19.5 µm
  • Image size: 1590 x 1024 (size 1), 1744 x 1384 (size 2)
  • Sensor cable length: 10 ft.