Used Dental Endodontic Equipment | BioHorizons Stage 1 Implant kit

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The Keystone Dental STAGE-1 Single Stage Implant System is used in partially or fully edentulous maxillae and mandibles, in support of single or multi-unit restorations. The implants may also function as terminal or intermediate support for fixed bridgework.

The STAGE-1 implants are available in diameters of 3.3mm through 6.3mm to permit optimal treatment planning for the specific needs of your patients.

  • Simple Drill Sequences
  • Keystone Dental Drill Technology
  • Improved Surgical Taps
  • Color Coded Kits
  • Correlated Instruments for Implant Diameter
  • Laminated Color Wall Chart
  • Offers implant placement in one surgical procedure
  • Eliminates the need for a second surgery
  • Provides simple restorative procedures, which closely resemble traditional crown-and-bridge procedures
  • Ensures smooth emergence flare/contour of implant collar
  • Uses a strong/reliable prosthetic connection that virtually eliminates the chances of fracture or screw loosening
  • Eliminates bacterial leakage concerns and sub-crestal micro-movement.
  • Increases bone-to-implant contact—with 250% more surface area1—and mechanical bone interlock.
  • Ensures safety and biological compatibility.
  • Provides superior strength and prosthetic stability
  • The implant placement procedure should be done under aseptic conditions with specifically designed sterile surgical instruments. A surgical drilling system with external or internal irrigation is recommended for drilling the surgical site. The specific drilling sequences for placement of implants should be followed. When drilling with pilot, depth and finishing drills, use an in-and-out motion. The use of surgical guides and depth gauges is recommended to aid in implant placement and positioning.
  • The use of electro-surgical instruments or lasers around metallic implants and their abutments is discouraged due to the potential risk of electric and/or heat conductivity to the substrate metal.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Regular Diameter (RDS) : 4.8mm Prosthetic Connection
  • Implant Diameter: 3.3, 4.1 and 4.8mm
  • Wide Diameter (WDS): 6.5mm Prosthetic Connection
  • Implant Diameter: 4.8, 5.5 and 6.3mm