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used dental endodontic equipment | coltene hygenic ultrafil 3d


The Hygenic’s ULTRAFIL®3D is a designed to provide both the Endodontist and General Practitioner with a variety of effective techniques and quality gutta percha materials that, when used as directed can assure a successful obturation. Its cannules are warmed up in the Hygenic Ultrafil 3D cheabed up heater and dispensed with a syringe into the root canal. The Hygenic Ultrafil injectable guttapercha system provides 3 viscosities which meet every requirement.

The Hygenic SuccessFil syringe with guttapercha is warmed in the Hygenic heater. It contains high viscosity guttapercha, specially suited for transfer on an instrument into the canal.

  • ULTRAFIL®3D Injectable Gutta Percha System
  • Unique, Pre-filled, Disposable ULTRAFIL® 3D Cannule
  • FirmSet® Gutta Percha
  • Hygenic Gutta Percha Point.
  • Internal Resorption Capability
  • Titanium SuccessFil Cores
  • Master Cone With Backfill
  • Vertical And Lateral Condensation
  • Available in three viscosities to accommodate varied clinical situations and techniques.
  • Has the highest flow properties and are used for simple injection techniques.
  • Provides a superior flow properties which are achieved by utilizing Hygenic’sprocessing technique rather than ingredient change
  • Contains high viscosity guttapercha, specially suited for transfer on an instrument into the canal
  • Provides easy, fast and precise placement operations. 
  • Makes preparation and cleanup easy.
  • The ULTRAFIL® 3D Cannule is not refillable and should be disposed of when empty. 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Needle Diameter: 028" (.69mm),
  • Need Length: 0.85" (21.3mm)
  • Obturation Method: Master Cone With Backfill, Vertical And Lateral Condensation
  • Variable Temperature: No - Thermostat Controlled