Used Dental Endodontic Equipment | Dentsply MAP Micro-Apical Placement System

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The MAP (Micro-Apical Placement) System, provides an efficient method for placing repair materials (for example MTA-Angelus and ProRoot). It can either be use for orthograde obturation treatment of perforations, root-end fillings and pulp cappings using curved needles, or by retrograde obturation after apical resection of anterior teeth, using the hooked needles.

Micro Apical Placement (MAP) System is I for placement of endodontic root repair materials and retrograde or orthograde obturation.

  • Triple-angled Needles
  • Intra-canal Plunger
  • Curved Needles 
  • Color Coded Instruments
  • Aluminum Sterilization Case
  • Provides efficient method for placing root canal repair materials
  • Can be manually shaped to any required curvature.
  • Provides needle that can take back its inital straight shape after autoclave sterilization. 
  • Also be very helpful for generalists who can be led to use these devices in their daily practice.” 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Kit Options: Intro Kit, Universal Kit, Surgical Kit
  • Needle Types: Straight Needles, Curved Needles, Memory Shaped Needles, Triple Angled needles
  • Ideal Applications: Endodontic Root Repair, Retrograde and Orthograde Obturations