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used dental endodontic equipment | integra digitest ii pulp vital tester


The Digitest II™ Pulp Vitality Tester is a hand-held, battery-powered dental diagnostic device that identifies a living tooth nerve by stimulating it with a weak electric current. The Digitest II Pulp Vitality Tester is intended to be used as a diagnostic instrument to assist in the determination of the vitality of the dental pulp. It operates by producing pulsed waveforms that gradually increase in strength throughout use. 

The tester will remember the last programed speed and is available in 3 stimulus increases: slow, medium and fast

  • Optimal Ergonomic Design
  • Automatic One-button Operation
  • Slow, Medium and Fast Stimulus Rates
  • Previous Rates of Speed Memory
  • Autoclavable Probe ips
  • The Digitest II comes with four different styles-standard Long and Short, and precision Labial and Lingual
  • The durable, shaped case makes the unit comfortable to handle, as well as being easy to wipe down for disinfecting
  • The unit reasonably priced
  • Easily runs on Replaceable 9-V alkaline battery
  • This device is contraindicated for use on a patient or by an operator wearing a cardiac pacemaker or any other intra-corporeal electronic device (internal defibrillator, insulin pump, etc.), or any personal electronic monitoring device.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Protection Against Electric Shock : Class 1, Type B applied part
  • Protection Against Ingress of Liquids: Pulp Tester - IPX0 (Ordinary)
  • Mode of Operation of Equipment: Continuous
  • Operating Conditions: 15-40°C, 10-80% RH (non-condensing)