Used Dental Endodontic Equipment | Obtura III Max

The Obtura III MAX is a device used to heat gutta percha and to place it into the previously prepared root canals of human teeth, in order to provide quick and complete obturation of the root canal. 

  • Enhanced Thermal Protector
  • Cartridge Free Operation
  • Contact Surface Heat Reduction
  • Ergonomically Designed Handpiece
  • Quick and Easy Storage
  • Advanced Connectivity Control
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Reduces heat around patient contact surfaces
  • Drives warm air away from the tip of the unit and brings cool air in
  • Allows users to maximize Obturation without the hassle of filling gutta percha during a procedure
  • Creates worry-free operation with no downtime for charging
  • User-friendly connection allows for quick and easy storage
  • Provides superior tactile feel and outstanding control
  • Fesigned for optimal comfort during operation while mimimizing hand fatigue and stress
  • Unit face control makes for even easier handling during operation
  • This equipment is not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetics. 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Handpiece Cord Length: Max 8"
  • Power Cord Length: Approx. 7"
  • Tips Sizes : 20 Gauge , 23 Gauge , 25 Gauge
  • Ambient Temperature: Normal Use : +10ºC to 40ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 30% to 75%, non-condensing
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 860 hPa to 1060 hPa