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used dental endodontic equipment | osada, inc endex and endex plus

ENDEX PLUS functions as Two Apex Locators built into one compact console, and is operated with rechargeable batteries. Provides the same highly accurate and consistent readings in canals that contain blood, pulp, tissues, sodium hypochlorite, and other fluids. 

  • Auto Reset Mode (with blue lamp)
  • Manual Reset Mode (with green lamp) if Auto Reset is not attainable
  • Easy-to-read analog needle gauge. 
  • Increasing pulsating alarm
  • Quick automatic reset as soon as the switch is turned on
  • Allows user to measure most canals easily in one step
  • Provides accurate and consistent readings
  • Extremely low 2 µA current  produces no patient discomfort. 
  • Quick and convenient apex location and diagnosis
  • Capable of measuring under wet and complicated canal conditions
Technical Specifications: 
  • Screen Type/Size: Color-coded analog needle gauge/1.2” x 2.6”
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable NiCd battery block, 90 minute charger
  • Automatic Shutoff after Non-use: Yes, after 5 minutes (Endex Plus)
  • Autoclavable Components : Lip clips, probe end cords