Used Dental Endodontic Equipment | SybronEndo Elements Free Obturation System

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Elements™free obturation system offers both downpack and backfill capabilities in a cordless design – giving dentists and endodontic specialists the freedom of movement to perform endodontic procedures anywhere without restrictions. It is designed for use with the warm vertical condensation technique.

  • 360° One-touch Activation Ring
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Heating Range 
  • Swiss MotorTechnology
  • Motorized Extrusion
  • Single-use Cartridges with Built-in Finger Grips
  • Aerogel Insulation Technology
  • Improve your experience and clinical outcome
  • Provides digital temperature control for procedural accuracy
  • Provides Continuous Wave™ and single motion downpack obturation
  • Uses a swiss motor and gear drive for exceptional performance
  • Has a motorized extrusion for less hand fatigue
  • Has an aerogel insulation surrounds the heating element for your comfort and your patient’s safety
Technical Specifications: 
  • Device Type: Dental Hygiene Handpiece
  • Insulation Type: Aerogel Insulation
  • Adjustable heating range: 100°-400°C
  • Obturation Method: Warm Vertical Condensation