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used dental endodontic equipment | sybronendo realseal 1 bonded obturation system


RealSeal 1 Bonded Obturation System is new obturator system which includes a polysulfone core that is coated with Resilon material using high-tolerance injection molding. It uses the RealSeal™ material which is a radiopaque endodontic obturation material based on Resilon, a thermoplastic synthetic polymer-based root canal filling material.


  • Resilon® Technology
  • Latex-free Operation
  • 2-chamber Oven 
  • Self-etching Resilon Based Sealer
  • Injection Molded Procedure
  • Makes easier identifications in the canal for precise placement and verification
  • Can be dissolved readily with conventional solvents, making it easier to retreat or to create a post space
  • Creates a superior seal, preventing leakage and reinfection
  • Can resist leakage 6 times better than the Soft-Core® System and nearly 10 times better than the Thermafil® System
  • Can be easily retrieved via mechanical means or chloroform can be used to dissolve the entire obturator
  • Offers an injection molded procedure for extreme accuracy and precision
  • Has a higher radiopacity than gutta-percha
  • Offers dual radiopacity — the core and filling material have different levels of radiopacity
  • Do not use while in the presence of flammable anesthetics.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Taper Size for Obturators:  0.04 ranging from 20 to 90
  • Material Type: Endodontic Obturation Material