Used Dental Exam Chair | ADEC 8000 Performer

The Performer 8000 exam chair offers improved patient access and comfort.

The difference between a 

     PERFORMER 8000  -  Has an Electric Piston, for up and down function


    PERFORMER - Has a Hydrolic Piston, for up and down function, as well as for Chair-back elevation

                                        -  Has a 90 degree turn capability (swivel)

    Also, the bases are different

  • Thin-profile backrest
  • Swing-up armrests
  • Easy entry and exit for dental patient
  • Easy to use
Technical Specifications: 
  • Base construction: Cast aluminum
  • Hydraulic system: Hydraulic cantilever lift system
  • Automatic return: Yes
  • Maximum patient load: 400 lb.