Used Dental Exam Chairs | Adec 1010

used dental exam chairs | adec 1010

A-dec 1010 chair is electronically controlled, hydraulically powered dental chair. Switches on the Multi-Function Footswitch are used to position the chair and program Auto-Positioning functions into the chair. The hydraulic system is controlled by the electronic control module using relays and solenoid-actuated valves.

  • Adjustable articulating headrest
  • Locking swiveling seat with adjustable height
  • Tilting back
  • Swing down arms
  • Post bracket
  • Auto positioning and auto return
    • Foot control
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Very much comfortable for patient
  • Do not completely close a needle valve port. The motor/pump could overheat from pumping against a closed valve and be damaged.
  • The solenoid coils are powered by line voltage. Failure to unplug the chair may result in serious injury from electrical shock.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions (Inch): 70 L x 27 W x 54 H
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Voltage: 100, 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • Current: 8.5 Amp(100/120 VAC), 4.25 Amp(240 VAC)
  • Hydraulic Fluid: 30 Oz.