Used Dental Exam Light | Adec 6300

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The Adec 6300 dental light provides a balanced light pattern with ideal contrast for a clear view of tooth topography. A neutral daylight color temperature allows accurate color/shade matching and tissue analysis. The 6300 features a third axis of rotation (diagonal) so you can position the dental light so it fully illuminates the oral cavity no matter how you position the patient's head.

The Adec 6300 has a variety of mounting options so you can mount the 6300 dental light to a chair, ceiling, wall, or cabinet.


  • Halogen bulb technology
  • Dual handles for easy movement
  • Neutral daylight light color temperature
  • 3 axis of rotation for head
  • Light focus is bright and uniform
  • Easy-to-adjust brightness levels
  • Separate composite setting
  • Provides ideal contrast for viewing the oral cavity
  • Color temperature is ideal for diagnosis and shade matching.
  • 3 axis of movement give maximum flexibility for dental professionals.
  • Long-lasting and proven design in general.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power requirements: 100, 120, or 240V
  • Focal range: 18 - 31 inches (457 - 787 mm)
  • Bulb: Quartz Xenon Halogen, single-end prongs
  • Lamp rating: 17V/ 95W
  • Color temperature: 5000 Kelvin
  • Light pattern (inches): 3.3 x 6.3 at 27.6
  • Composite: 8,000 lux (743 fc)
  • Medium: 20,000 lux (1858 fc)
  • High: 24,000 lux (2230 fc)
  • Heat output: 325 BTU/hour