Used Dental Exam Light | Pelton & Crane Light Fantastic II and III

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The Light Fantastic II and III dental light uses a halogen bulb to create a beam of light that is reflected and creates a shadow reduced pattern suitable for dentistry. The light source is mounted in various ways for allowing the user to adjust the position to illuminate the oral cavity. The LF Dental light is intended for use by dental professionals to illuminate the oral cavity while performing examinations and dental procedures. 

To complement the design of the operatory, the LFII and LFIII are available in single or dual track mount, single or dual ceiling column mount, chair mount, cabinet mount and wall mount versions.

Variable intensity control

  • Low—1500 foot candles at 27”
  • Medium—2000 foot candles at 27”
  • High—2500 foot candles at 27”

Color Temperature Range

  • LFII—3600° - 4300°K
  • LFIII—4700° - 5500°K
  • Remote activation
  • Narrow vertical reflector
  • Front of light head is enclosed with Lexan® shield
  • Third axis of rotation
  • Elliptical light pattern with feathered-edge pattern
  • Horizontal area of 3" high x 8" wide is produced in the 18" to 36" range
  • Metal Handles
  • Multifaceted, dichroic-coated, computer designed reflector filters
  • Vents on rear of reflector frame
  • On/off switch for LFII and LFIII located directly behind light
  • Hinged back for easy lamp replacement
  • Long lasting quartz halogen lamp
  • Focus is factory set at 27"
  • Scratch-resistant ceramic frit
  • Excellent illumination pattern
  • Correct color temperature
  • Provides unlimited positioning flexibility
  • Easy refocusing for optimal pattern at desired operating distance
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power supply Volts: 117 VAC
  • Cycles:  60 HZ
  • Amps: 1.5 A ~