Used Dental Film-Based Panoramic X-Ray | Panoramic Corporation PC-1000

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The PC-1000 is a film-based panoramic dental x-ray system.

  • Adjustable TMJ setting
  • 0.5mm X 0.5mm focal spot 
  • Large 12mm anterior and 41mm posterior focal trough
  • Single switch for all functions
  • Precise screw motor drive
  • Fixed bite guide
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Easy installation and maintenance, and does not require wall or floor mounting
  • Consistent and high quality images
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Saves time and reduces errors.

Panoramic Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of certain PC-1000 panoramic X-ray machines due to a potential problem with its lift motor, "which can result in severe injury to a patient or staff member."

The recall only affects machines with serial numbers 6001 to 13885 that were manufactured between 1996 and 2003.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Focal Spot: 0.5mm x 0.5mm
  • Focal trough: Anterior region - 12mm, posterior region - 41mm
  • kVp: 70-90
  • Tube current: 6 mA
  • Power requirements: 115V, 20A
  • Exposure Time: 12 seconds
  • Weight (lb.): 485