Used Dental Film Panoramic X-Ray | Planmeca PM 2002 Ceph

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used dental film panoramic x-ray | planmeca pm 2002 ceph

The Planmeca PM 2002 CC is an electronically-controlled panoramic machine. Its small focal spot, generous focal trough, and smooth movement contribute to its ability to make excellent panoramic, TMJ, and cephalometric images. 

It consists of an x-ray tubehead and a cassette assembly mounted on a support column. Although the unit is designed for imaging patients who are standing, it easily accepts patients seated in wheelchairs. The unit uses three light beams, a chin rest, a bite guide, and a head guide to position and stabilize the patient. 

  • Electronically-controlled Panoramic Machine
  • Unique Autoprint Film Marking System
  • Effective One-shot Cephalostat
  • Short Exposure Time
  • Distortion-Free Images
  • Produces excellent quality panoramic and TMJ films; small focal spot produces high resolution images.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Easy to position patient; provides better than average wheelchair access.
  • Reassures patient and enhance patient confidence.
  • Allows the technician to directly observe the patient, which facilitates correct positioning and contributes to distortion-free images. 
  • Constant potential generator permits use of lower kVp, resulting in lower patient exposure.
  • Has multiple, standard, pre-programmed functions for various arch sizes and shapes and special films (panoramic, enhanced panoramic, TMJ, sinus).
  • Selection of pediatric mode automatically reduces time and field of exposure.
  • Electronic controls allow smooth operation and facilitate changing functions; minimal effort required to switch from panoramic to TMJ to cephalometric.
  • Autoprint option allows automatic labeling of panoramic and TMJ films.
  • Compact tubehead design facilitates patient positioning.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Voltage: 110/220 volt
  • Power Requirements: 50/60 cycle alternating current
  • Image Sizes: From 18 x 25 cm to 30 x 25 cm
  • Device Type: Dental Panoramic Device