Used Dental Handpiece Lubrication System | W&H Assistina 301 Plus

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The Assistina 301 plus is a handpiece maintenance device. It flushes internal handpiece air/water coolant channels with cleaning liquid. It also helps remove debris by rotating gears during its handpiece purge cycle. 

  • Delivers precise amount of oil and cleaning solution to handpiece components
  • 40 second cycle time
  • Externally visible fluid levels
  • Automatic oil dispenser
  • No electrical power required
  • Improved handpiece operational life
  • Optimum cleaning of handpiece spray water and spray channels
  • Quick and efficient handpiece cleaning and maintenance with the push of a button
  • Simple and convenient operation
Technical Specifications: 
  • Cycle time: Approx. 35 seconds
  • Capacity: 250 ml (service oil, enough for about 3,500 cycles; cleaning liquid, enough for about 2,500 cycles)
  • Required air pressure: : 65 PSI (min.); 140 PSI (max)
  • Dimensions (inches):: 8.77 x 7.48 x 16.33
  • Weight (lb.): 5.95
  • Air consumption: approx 60 N l / min
  • Operating pressure : 4-10 bar