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The EA-40LT electric brushless micromotor from A-dec is designed to integrate seamlessly into the A-dec Cascade delivery system. It is compact (1.85 in long) and weighs 2.5 oz, with an ergonomic design. The EA-40LT operates at speeds from 2000-40,000 rpm.

  • Maintain speeds as low as 150 rpm and as high as 200,000 rpm.
  • High torque (3 Ncm), even at slower speeds
  • Can be programmed 3 different preset speeds or speed settings
  • Operates in both forward and reverse
  • Works with all delivery systems
  • Easy and safe to use
Technical Specifications: 
  • Weight: 2.8 ounces
  • RPM Range: 2,000 - 40,000 RPM
  • Torque: 3 Ncm
  • Length: 1.85 inches
  • Light: Halogen