Used Dental Handpieces | Adec WD-79M

used dental handpieces | adec wd-79m

The A-dec's WD-79 M handpiece is a contra-angle handpieces with a press-button chuck system for Nickel Titanium Files. The WD-79 M handpiece's endodontics attachment has a special feature due to its ball-bearing design. Its life-long efficiency factor is stable and known, therefore the A-dec endodontics system is able to control and display file torque very accurately.


  • 2:1 Ratio Contra-angle Handpiece 
  • 40,000 rpm Max Motor Speed
  • Press-button Chuck System
  • Sterilizable Handpiece
  • Ball-bearing Design
  • Ergonomic Shape for Better Grip
  • Versatile, Precise and Practical Handpiece
  • Offers 90% torque efficiency
  • Has a small head for best possible access to the treatment site
  • Easy to use with non-slip handle
  • Can be thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • Offers total contol and display file torque very accurately
  • Guarantees excellent cutting power and reduces the risk of file breakage    
  • Promotes reduction of working height
  • Unsuitable for surgical procedures and the fixation of implants
Technical Specifications: 
  • Connection Diameter: 2,0 cm
  • Reduction Ratio: 2:1
  • Motor Speed : up to 40,000 rpm
  • Optimum Speed Range: 150–350 rpm for NiTi files
  • Chuck System: Press-button Type
  • Autoclavable: Yes
  • Connection Type: E-type
  • Coupling System: Compatible for motors with ISO connection according to ISO 3964/DIN 13940
  • Intended Use: Mechanical root canal preparation rotating files