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used dental handpieces | aseptico e-type electric highspeed handpieces

The Aseptico Electric High Speed Dental Handpieces comprises two types of models. Both models are used in general dentistry procedure. 

  • AHP-72S-FO - Operates at speeds up to 150,000 rpm at 1:5 Increaser gear ratio. Uses internal irrigation type
  • AHP-65Ti and AHP-65Ti-FO - The 1:3 High Speed Electric Handpiece Operating at speeds up to 90,000 rpm, this high speed handpiece accepts standard high speed friction grip burs. Uses external irrigation type. 
  • Pure titanium body
  • DURACOAT surface enhancement technology
  • Push button chuck
  • NSK Clean Head System
  • Fiber optic capability
  • Internal irrigation efficiently cools
  • Accepts standard high speed friction grip burs
  • Special coating and new ergonomic design
  • Light and strong
  • Allows for easy insertion and removal of the bur
  • Prevents the entry of biomatter, preserving the life of the bearings
  • Allow for improved handling and grip during use
  • Provides ample illumination when used with a fiber optic motor
Technical Specifications: 
  • Connection Type: 
  • Speed Range (w/ 40k rpm Motor): Up to 200,000 rpm for AHP-72S-FO and Up to 120,000 rpm for AHP-65Ti