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The Bien Air MX offers ultra-precise control of the torque and rotation speed due to Smart Logic technology. The motor is quiet and vibration-free. With the MX’s control at low speeds, the need for instruments of differing ratios is reduced. Using two instruments are now sufficient to cover all the needs, from endodontics to high-speed restorative dentistry. Finally, the MX micromotor and its 360° rotating coupling are notable for their exceptional reliability and extended service life. Resilient to contact with fluids, the MX withstands repeated sterilizations.

  • Bien-Air Motor/turbine/hose Combination 
  • Gold-plated Electrical Contacts
  • SMART LOGIC Technology
  • Cutting-edge Electronics
  • 360° Coupling Rotation
  • Future Proof Construction
  • Optimum Working Comfort
  • Flexible and light rotating quick-connect coupling
  • Excellent electrical conductivity and improved resistance to oxidation
  • Built from highly durable materials making it future proof.
  • Resilient to contact with fluids, and can withstand repeated sterilizations
  • Need for instruments of differing ratios is reduced
  • Offers ultra-precise control of the torque and rotation speed 
  • Promotes patient comfort thanks to the quiet motor
  • Vibration Free Operations
  • Never disassemble the device. For all modifications and repairs, we recommend that you contact your regular supplier or Bien-Air direct. Bien-Air asks the user to have its dynamic instruments checked or inspected at least once a year thereafter
Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions: 0.83 x 3.95 in including the nose attachment
  • Weight:  0.253532 lbs
  • Noise Level: less than 53 dBA at 45 cm
  • Coupling Rotating: 360°
  • Recommended Rotation Speed : Max. 40,000 rpm
  • Air Consumption Output : 10 Nl/min (+/-10%).
  • Torque : According to the type of electronics used / Max torque 3.5 Ncm
  • Direction of Rotation : Clockwise and Anticlockwise
  • Operating Times : According to the type of electronics used
  • Coupling:  Nose in accordance with ISO 3964, with internal spray and light.
  • Device Classification : Class IIa
  • Device Type : Brushless electric micromotor