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used dental handpieces | kerr mastertorque lux m8900 l

The MASTERtorque M8900 L increases working efficiency and reduces the potential for soft tissue damage. DST also prevents the drawback of aerosols and debris, increasing the life of the turbine and improving overall handpiece hygiene. The M8900 L air handpieces operates at a very low frequency range and has has 20% more power (compared to 6500BR) at 23 Watts. It also has the best noise level of 57 dB, and NEW Direct Stop Technology (DST).

  • Ceramic bearing
  • Direct Stop Technology
  • Air high-speed at 57 decibels
  • Field replaceable water filter
  • Improved 4-port spray for better visibility
  • Plasmatec coating
  • Automatic drive air adjustment
  • MULTIflex LUX connection
  • Higher precision 
  • Efficient and safe
  • Durable and hygienic
  • Reduced running noise
  • Computer balanced turbine, carbide lined chuck for more concentric cutting and smoother, more precise preps. 
  • Reduced head diameter on the bur side
  • Preparation areas optimally illuminated at all times
  • Preparation areas optimally visible in spray mode, light and spray nozzles are offset
Technical Specifications: 
  • Head Length: 2 cm (20 mm)
  • Noise Level: 57 dB(A)
  • Peak Power : 23 watts
  • Connection: MULTIflex LUX
  • Minimum Drive Air Pressure: 38 psi
  • Coating Material: Plasmatec coating
  • Quietest Air High-speed: 57 decibels
  • Revolutions Per Minute: 370,000 rpm
  • Autoclavable at up to : 135 C (275 deg F)
  • Chuck Type: Push button auto chuck
  • Air consumption : 42 to 48 Nl/min