Used Dental Handpieces | Kerr SmartTorque S609C (1881)

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used dental handpieces | kerr smarttorque s609c (1881)

The Kerr SmartTorque 609C is a dental unit used during dental procedures, usually to remove decay and shape tooth structure prior to the insertion of a filling or crown. The unit operates in low noise making it benefficial for the dentist and the patient.

  • 4-hole standard connection (Midwest)
  • Head versions: standard (h: 14.5 mm) or mini (h: 12.3 mm)
  • Reliable 16 Watt power, for efficient and safe preparation
  • Different model / price versions
  • High safety, with chuck retention force up to 30 N
  • 4-port spray, for optimum cooling effect
  • Enhanced, anti-reflux effect
  • Long-life, ceramic bearings
  • Quiet operation and reliable
  • Smoother vibration free performance
  • Comfortable to the dentist and patient
Technical Specifications: 
  • Voltage:  15W
  • Drive pressure: 40 psi