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used dental handpieces | nobel biocare osseocare pro


OsseoCare Pro is operated entirely through an intuitive interface on Apple's iPad®. During surgery, you can control and modify the speed, torque, irrigation flow and light intensity through the dedicated application. Available free of charge from the Apple App store,  the application also offers a built-in recording and exporting function. Check out the different app functionalities in more detail under the tab "The app". The unit is compatible with iPad® devices iPad® 2, iPad® 3, iPad® 4, iPad® Air and iPad® Air 2. Please note that no other iPad® devices can be used than the ones indicated here.
The OsseoCare™ Pro system is intended for use in dental surgery, endodontics and implantology by dentists and surgeons in dental offices and hospitals to cut hard and soft tissue with appropriate tools. It is designed to control a dental micromotor which can drive a dental handpiece fitted with appropriate tools to cut hard and soft tissues in the mouth and to screw dental implants.

  • Light and powerful micromotor
  • Unique iPad®-based user interface
  • Clear tracking of protocol by multiple implant placement
  • Recording and exporting of operation data
  • Multiple-user log-ins for individual settings
  • Link with NobelClinician Software
  • Small and light contra-angle head
  • Easy handling of peristaltic pump
  • Full control with foot pedal
  • Compact and durable 
  • Fast and intuitive navigation
  • Reliable and remarkably easy to use
Technical Specifications: 
  • Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Fuses: 2 fuses T4.0A L 250 VAC, breaking capacity 40A
  • Power demand: 100 V / 300 VA or 240 V / 300 VA
  • Degree of protection : IP 40 (protection against insertion of objects larger than 1 mm).
  • Dimensions (Inch): 9.53 L x 9.61 W x 4.02 H
  • Housing Weight: 6.17 Lbs.
  • Cable Weight : 3.70 oz.
  • Pedal Weight: 29.28 oz.
  • Bracket Weight: 4.06 oz.