Used Dental Handpieces | Sirona T1 CLASSIC

The T1 CLASSIC is used to treat dental diseases and dental trauma. The treatment involves the rotary or oscillatory processing of hard and soft tooth substance, bones, and dental prostheses (crowns, inlays, bridges, etc.).

  • The green, blue, and PROPHY contra-angle handpieces are used for prophylaxis.
  • The green, blue, and Meyer-Kirschner contra-angle handpieces are used for implantology and surgery.
  • The handpiece and the green and blue contra-angle handpieces are rotary prosthetics.
  • The EVA contra-angle handpiece is used for oscillatory prosthetics.
  • The green, blue, and ENDO contra-angle handpieces are used for endodontics.
  • Solid, lightweight titanium casing
  • 1:1 gear ratio
  • Speed:  40,000 rpm
  • Attachment for latch drills (Ø 2.35 mm)
  • Push-button chuck
  • Smooth, rounded contours
  • Sterilizable glass fiber optics
  • Integrated light
  • Stress-free working thanks to the low weight and perfect balance (the SL motor is integrated into the handpiece casing)
  • High-quality titanium casing is easy to grip and pleasant to the touch
  • Smooth, flowing contours ensure optimum handling
  • Perfect balance. Lies ideally in your hand.
  • Ergonomic flowing design
  • Longer service life thanks to DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated ball bearings
  • Optimal view thanks to small head dimensions
Technical Specifications: 
  • T1 CLASSIC Model: S H40 L
  • Transmission ratio : 1:1
  • Color coding for transmission ratio : Blue
  • Maximum motor speed in rpm : 40000
  • Maximum operating speed in rpm : 40000
  • Pushbutton cover clamping system : CA/HP
  • Instrument coupling : Sirona
  • Spray air pressure in bar : 2.7
  • Spray water pressure in bar : 2.0
  • Recommended water content in spray in mL/min : > 50
  • Maximum water temperature in °C : 40